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Gravity Conveyor Solutions

One of the challenges with Conveyor Systems is customizing the system to fit the Customer's Application.  Many times it is difficult to visualize the exact solution that is needed until the installation is being completed.  DMI North has the Tools and Experience to complete Field Modifications when installing systems.  We also utilize CAD Software during the Design Process to modify any of the conveyor components at our Fabrication Shop before delivering to our Customer's facility.  Here are some examples of Gravity Conveyor Systems that we Modified to Fit the Customer's Application. 

Counting Scale Gravity Conveyor
Steel Tube Discharge Conveyor
Pallet Discharge Shipping Conveyor
Pallet Discharge Shipping Conveyor

Custom Machine Guarding

Employee Safety is at the forefront of any organization.  Many times there is not a standard product that will fit the application. DMI North worked with Wirecrafters to Design and Install Custom Machine Guarding for a Laminating Machine.   The Wire Mesh Machine Guarding Panels were fit to the customer's machine specs.  Also the customer wanted access to certain equipment within the machine interior so Wirecrafters Engineers designed custom gates to fit the layout of the machine.  DMI North completed the Install with Field Cutouts and Fabrication on site. 


Wire Mesh Machine Guarding with (2) Swing Gates
Custom Mount Wire Mesh Panels
Single Custom Wire Mesh Panel
Machine Suspended Panel with Swing Gate

Pallet Staging Conveyor

The challenge with this Pallet Staging Conveyor was the varying sizes of the Pallets.  From Standard 40"x 48" Pallets up to Custom 54" x 110" Pallets, DMI North designed a conveyor system to handle all the varying pallet sizes.  The Chain Drive Live Roller Conveyor from Roach Conveyor incorporated a Pop Up Chain Transfer and was integrated into the customer's existing Powered Conveyor.  The CDLR Conveyor was zoned with Photo Eyes and PLC to stage the pallets to reduce the amount of operators needed in that area and to reduce down time. 

Pallet Staging Conveyor
Pallet Staging Conveyor
Pallet Staging Conveyor
Pallet Staging Conveyor

Wire Partition Tool Cage

Wire Partitions are a great way to add Secure Storage to facilities.  DMI North designed and installed a Wirecrafters Wire Partition Tool Cage for a customer adding on to their existing facility.  The customer needed the ability to bring Dies in and out of the cage with an Overhead Crane so Tunnel Doors were used which don't have an overhead structure that interfere with the Crane.

DMI North recently had the privilege to Design and Install a DEA Spec Wire Cage.  In partnership with Wirecrafters, this cage was built to meet US Drug and Enforcement Agency Specifications (Shown in Pictures 1 & 2).

Wirecrafters DEA Cage
DEA Slide Door

Packaging Line Conveyor

DMI North worked with a local RV Supplier to Integrate a 24 VDC Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with an Overhead Stretch Wrapping Machine to design a Packaging Line Conveyor System.  The system was designed to have the pallets packed before entering the Wrapping Machine  with Operator Controls and Zone Accumulation.  Once the Pallet entered the Wrapping Machine the system was automated to wrap the pallet and discharge for pick up.  Photo Eyes and Distance Measuring Sensors were utilized to determine the different products discharging the Wrapping Machine to transfer to appropriate conveyor lanes.  The system was implemented with Roach Conveyor and the Automate Control Team:

  • 24 VDC Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

  • Motorized Turntable with Foot Controls

  • Pneumatic Pop Up Chain Transfer

  • Pitched Gravity Conveyor

  • Automated Controls


Ergonomic Vacuum Pail Lifter

Zero Gravity Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifters are a great way to reduce unnecessary strain on your employees and ultimately reduce injuries.  This system was designed to off-load (3) Five Gallon Pails at a time with a Vacuum Tube Lifter mounted on a Workstation Bridge Crane.  The "Wall-Thru" Conveyor connects to a Pail Filling Conveyor on the other side of the Door when open.  DMI North Integrated Three Different Manufacturers to design an Ergonomic Turn Key Solution:

Vacuum Tube Lifters are designed to allow the operator to manipulate the product with very minimal effort, many times with one hand. 

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Lineshaft Conveyor
Vacuum Tube Lifter

Industrial Stairways and Handrail

D.M.I. North specializes in the Design and Installation of Industrial Stairways and Handrail.  Stairways are designed to be in compliance with International Building Code (IBC) or OSHA Code depending on space requirements and customer preferences.  The Unique modular design reduces Installation Costs and provides a Solid, Aesthetically Pleasing Stairway.  With the variety of options and colors available, there is a stairway to fit any project.  Contact D.M.I. North today for a Free Quote.

Heartland Engineered Products Stairways

EGA Products Ladders

Handrail Gate
Switchback Stairway
IBC Stairway
Dock Step Ladder
VRC with IBC Stairway

Mezzanine Packaging Conveyor

D.M.I. North worked with a RV Supplier that needed to develop a solution to transfer product stored in shelving on an Upper Mezzanine down to the their packaging stations below the mezzanine.  We designed a system utilizing:

  • Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Lineshaft Conveyor with Photo Eye Controlled Brake Zones

  • Powered Spiral Belt Conveyor

  • 24 VDC Belted Incline Zone Conveyor

  • Pop-Up Rope Belt Transfer Zone

  • Continuous Powered Spring Loaded Lift Gates

  • Automated Controls Package with Central PLC

The system is designed to transfer product placed in totes on the conveyor from storage on the Upper Mezzanine to the Operator Pack Stations underneath the Mezzanine.  We utilized the Spiral Conveyor to accomplish this.  Once on floor level, the totes are positioned with an indicator facing inward or outward so that once the tote reaches the Transfer Zone, a Photo Eye will either see the indicator and transfer the tote to a discharge lane -OR- let the tote pass.  From there the tote reaches an operator to be packed.

Lineshaft Conveyor
24 VDC Belted Conveyor Incline
Ryson Spiral Conveyor
Lineshaft Conveyor Lift Gate
Gravity Conveyor
VRC Material Lift

24 VDC Assembly Line Conveyor

An agricultural equipment manufacturer had a unique challenge to improve productivity and product throughput.  D.M.I. North worked with facility engineers and supervisors to develop and implement a Semi-Automated Conveyor System to improve their assembly line operations.  The systems utilizes various types of equipment & controls:

  • Poly V-Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor Zones Utilizing 24 VDC Drive Rollers

  • Double Stacked Drag Chain Conveyors Zones

  • Dual Lane Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Hydraulic Lift Tables Equipped with Limit Switches

  • Ceiling Mounted Monorail Systems

  • Custom Engineered Vacuum Lifter

  • Semi-Automated Controls Package with Central PLC

Working with the facility team, D.M.I. North designed an Assembly Line System that allows operators to ergonomically maneuver product onto the conveyor via an Infeed Gravity Conveyor System and a Custom Engineered Vacuum Lifter.  The product then moves through the system controlled by Diffused Photo Eyes and Operator Controlled Foot Control Advances.  Finally accumulating on the Double Stack Drag Chain Conveyor where it is picked by a Forklift Operator for Distribution.

24 VDC Poly-V Conveyor
Dual Level Multi Chain Conveyor
24 VDC Poly-V Conveyor
Monorail Vacuum Lift
Vacuum Lifter

Modular Office Mezzanine

In-Plant Modular Offices are a great way to provide office space for your employees without requiring permanent construction.  D.M.I. North recently had the opportunity to Design and Install a Modular Office on a Mezzanine to utilize Vertical Space for a metalworking company.  We incorporated an existing mezzanine and used an existing stairway to access our Modular Office.  The Office was designed for Operation Managers to have a Plant Floor Office.  Project Components were manufactured by:

D.M.I. North provided a Turnkey project with Design and Installation.  Contact Us Today to Discuss your Next Project!

Modular Office Mezzanine
Modular Office Mezzanine
Modular Office Mezzanine

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is easy to come by now a days.  The design of Correct Pallet Racking take a little bit more expertise.  D.M.I. North has been designing and installing pallet rack systems for over 20 years.  We will discuss everything from Correct Pallet Rack Specs, Storage Levels, Product Flow and even Custom Colors.  D.M.I. North will work with your team to determine the right system for your operations. 

Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack Install
Pallet Rack with Rack Backs
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